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    I just replaced the housing on an iPhone 3G that I'm getting ready to sell. During my rebuilding process, I damaged the flex cable on the wifi antenna (flex cable #6). It was a corner piece that broke off (picture attached). Since it wasn't really severed on the main portion of the flex cable...I decided to put it back together to test it anyhow.

    I do pick up wifi signals around me and I do have full bars of wifi when I connect to my home connection. I ran speedtest.net on it and had a bit of concern simply bc my other (much newer) phones and MBA get about 15 mbps (which is right) whereas the iPhone 3G is getting around 2-4 mbps download speed.

    Is this because of the hardware of the iPhone 3G being slower? So I got curious and ran a signal strength test on my other phone which puts my RSSI at -60 to -62. The iPhone 3G using wififofum is showing me an RSSI of -59 to -61. It seems like the iPhone 3G is picking up and utilizing wifi signal just fine but the internet speed is just so much more slower than it should be. I don't seem to have any drop in the signal either, it's staying connected just fine.

    Should I replace the flex cable or is this normal? TIA.

    iPhone 3G wifi antenna and signal strength-imeicheck3.png
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