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    Just a heads up. Howell Electronics is a wholesaler so they wont sell to small time buyers.

    Contact Info:
    [email protected]
    (347) 618-9726

    Reviewer Note:
    I came across them in a random google search. I was a bit skeptical when I saw the website, but they turned out to be highly responsive and professional when I contacted them via email. I ordered 100 iPhone 4/4S LCD's off them for $24 a piece plus shipping [Update: next batch is only costing me $22.50 without shipping]. They were great and worked perfectly. I also sent them 50 iPhone 4/4S LCD's for $4.50 a piece and they were even nice enough to reimburse me for shipping.

    Website Overview:
    A pretty scant website with no checkout or order form. Has some generic info. Not much to say here...
    I would just go straight to the contact and email them ([email protected]).

    Customer Support:
    I sent them an email asking for a price quote and got a reply same day. They asked me what I was interested in buying and the volumes, so I'm guessing they price based on volume. They got back to me with a price quote the next day.

    Shipping and Payment:
    Shipping was at an acceptable speed. It came within a week after my order was processed. I paid them via PayPal and they asked that I cover the fee which was kind of annoying. But considering how much I saved, I guess I can't be too upset...

    They told me the parts used original LCD's and you could tell. I asked a couple of people to look at the side by side comparisons and they couldn't tell the difference. The touch was responsive and I can't say that I had any problems.

    Their facade is pretty shaddy and I honestly don't know what prompted me to email them; but once I got in touch with them, they were great. Prices are amazing compared to what I paid and the quality is 100%.
    I would definitely use them again and I most likely will be doing so in the near future.

    [Update: These guys just keep getting better and better. They cut me a better price on my next order and they removed the shipping cost.]

    Final Score: 4.5/5 (had to take something off for those fee's )
    Actual Score: 5/5
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    2013-04-13 04:19 AM
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    Fees are any wholesale hate to tell you. I haven't been able to avoid fees anywhere yet. I may check them out for selling back my LCD's and inquire about some parts.

    Also I've been unable to locate a website?
    2013-04-16 06:21 PM
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    I found them at: Howell Electronics

    Yeah, I don't blame them for the fee's. With the price's they're charging me, I bet they're working off some small margins. I only took points off as a joke. They really do deserve a 5/5.

    I updated the review with a contact info section in case anyone else was having trouble.
    2013-04-17 12:57 AM