1. RandomCharacters's Avatar
    So I was recently dropped my iPhone 4 and scratched the screen
    So i'm thinking of getting it fixed and i was contemplating getting a color conversion kit.
    The thing is there are people in my city that will do the repair and conversion for 110$ and i'm wondering if you guys think that an average person can do the conversion or if i should invest in having it done some what professionaly.
    Oh and linking to some videos on re-assembly would be nice, i saw the stickied disassembly video and it seems pretty straight forwards.
    Thank you for reading and i look forwards to reading your opinions.
    2013-04-15 09:25 PM
  2. hcgaloi's Avatar
    I would say to have it done professionally is the easiest and could also mean cheapest than DIY. If you want to try on your own, I would say go to ifixit.com and download the guides. Read it carefully then watch a few videos on youtube to see how it's done visually. However, there are risks that you may break other parts which added to cost or render the phone useless... I started out working on sparee/old iphones and the experience was worth it even though I permanently broke one 3G and messed up 1 flex cable. Now a day, I repair/maintenance all iphones for my extended family (20+). Good luck
    2013-04-16 12:23 AM