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    Hey everyone,

    Recently, my iPhone has been falling apart. It all started when I dropped my iPhone and cracked the back slightly. Thought it was a perfect opportunity to buy a different colored back glass. Well, the second day after I installed it, I let my niece play Angry Birds and she managed to drop it. Honestly, it wasn't a hard drop but I'm assuming the quality of the replacement glass was awful because everything shattered.

    iPhone 4 (5.1.1 Jailbroken)

    Problem One: WiFi Signal
    Long story short, since then, things began breaking. First to go was the WiFi. It works when I am 3 feet away from the router but stops when I move back further.

    My Attempt at Fix
    I did my research and read on most forums and blogs that the metal piece inside, on the top corner has to be screwed in properly. I double checked it and it is. However, the screw is slanted when I tighten it.

    Should I try replacing that one piece?

    Problem 2: No sounds when calling
    Whenever I call someone or receive a call, I don't hear anything and the other caller can't hear me. The loudspeaker doesn't work when I'm calling someone but works perfectly fine when I try to play a song. The mic also works outside of the calling app. I also tried to use the iPhone 5 headphones while calling and no dice. Which brings me to problem 3

    Problem 3: iPhone Headphones work but not controls
    When I play music, the headphones work great but the controls don't work at all. They have just recently randomly stopped working because they did work about 5 days ago. I even bought a different pair but still nothing.

    My Attempt at Fixing
    I read online that this is almost always caused by lint inside of the headphone jack. I bought a can of air duster and cleaned it out, followed by using a paper towel on a toothpick method. Still nothing.

    For problems 2 and 3, I tried to restore my iPhone back to the original 5.1.1 but it would always get stuck and never restore. Any way it could be a software problem? I would rather not upgrade to 6.1.3, but I would do it if it was my last option.

    Sorry about the long post, I tried to give as much detail as possible and hope someone can help me figure it out. Not sure if its because of the drop or not because the problems didn't occur right away, just after some time.

    Any advice is greatly appreciated,

    2013-04-18 07:27 PM
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    The Problems must be due to the drop or impact. You should show your iPhone to some people who really good at repairing iPhone.

    My friend also dropped many times. Well.. mostly he threw away his iPhone when he's drunk. Later, iPhone showed lots of Hardware

    errors. But after replacing some things inside, everything back to normal. He paid lots of money.
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    2013-04-21 02:28 PM
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    if you can post images here we might be able to help you to resolve your problem
    2013-04-25 08:46 PM