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  1. simba92's Avatar
    So i replaced an iphone 4 charging dock assembly today. Initially it worked fine, and charged the phone for about 20mins.
    So i restored through settings, general etc.
    Now the phone wont charge anymore, wont detect in itunes however does turn on then plugged into the charger but thats all.

    Tried the logic board in another phone and everything works fine, so im assuming it the logic board is fine. Im guessing its a faulty dock assembly i bought. But it was working fine till i restored the phone. Any thoughts?
    2013-06-20 03:26 PM
  2. i.Annie's Avatar
    Sounds like the dock's issue. Have you tried removing it and putting it back in, ensuring all the screws are in place and all the flex cables are secured?

    I would suggest setting the phone into recovery and/or dfu mode and seeing if iTunes detects it. I have never had iTunes fail to detect a device that is in recovery mode in both Windows and OS X. If iTunes won't pick it up even in recovery or dfu mode, then I'd say you've got some hardware problems (sounds like a low-grade quality dock if that's the case).
    2013-06-21 04:46 AM
  3. simba92's Avatar
    Totally forgot about the thread.
    Just to update, Yeah problem was the dock. Replacement arrived and now working fine. Thanks
    2013-06-28 11:21 AM