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    My iPhone 4 has extremely poor wifi reception (basically unusable). I only got it a couple of days ago, and it's not software related- was on iOS 4.2.1, updated to 6.1.3 and no change).

    This is a known problem.

    I've spent the last couple days looking up fixes. I've opened it up, tightened screws, put in a copper wire etc. but nothing has helped at all. All the tiny screws and parts are in the right places on the wifi antenna.

    It is not specific to one network/router. I've tried several.

    What can I do about this? Apple will obviously just get me to buy a "refurbished" replacement I assume (as I'm out of warranty)?
    2013-06-23 08:45 AM
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    Buy a new wifi antenna on eBay then see above site on how to replace it
    2013-06-23 08:56 AM
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    Installing iPhone 4 Wi-Fi Antenna - iFixit

    Buy a new wifi antenna on eBay then see above site on how to replace it

    But how could the wifi antenna be broken? It's just a silver piece of metal with all the required screws/bits...

    One of the screws isn't screwing in properly- could this be the problem? It's the correct screw, but the bolt underneath moves when screwing in. I could super-glue the bolt to the circuit/board?

    It's the yellow circled one- see image below

    It's the yellow circled one- see image below
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    2013-06-23 09:01 AM
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    That one shouldn't affect it. There is one underneath as far as I remember that needs to be well torqued down. You could also try cleaning the metal contacts as they may have gotten dirty from handling. Use some kind of degreaser. And if all that fails - try a replacement!
    2013-06-24 07:52 AM
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    It's not the yellow one, it's the one circled in green at the very top. Unscrew that and check that the little metal tab is on that flex shield/antenna. If there isnt a silver metal piece connected to the shield where the screw goes through then you will get extremely poor wifi (pretty much have to sit right next to the router.)
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