1. B-Roll's Avatar
    Hey all, been a while. Been very very busy doing these damn screens.

    Firstly - Cowboy, I still haven't forgotten about you. I just haven't had enough time nor a surplus to send you out a screen. I've also got some mirrored ones if you're interested. Right now, only silver and gold. Let me know! I can send a red one and one of those, but like I said - It may be a bit. But I'm a man of my word.

    On to the rest - So interesting story. Been refurbing iPhone 5 glass like a madman. Very little problems until today. I notice a weird haze on my screen as I'm wiping it down to clean it. Strange, I think it's just that one. It keeps happening. I did just get a new batch of glass in but it was from the same supplier so it shouldn't be an issue. Long story short, the plastic film I remove before bonding, it makes the glass have static electricity and that is what's causing the hazing. I tested this theory by putting an LCD in a tester phone and then just laying a piece of glass over the top and wiping it down. Same thing. Then I take the glass off and the LCD is still hazed out. I then touch the corner of the LCD and the whole thing goes back to normal. I had a friend send some emergency glass a while back that I never ended up using. I put THIS glass over the LCD and everything is fine. I test it again and again. Same result. SO, the glass I have is statically charged somehow.

    I tried Static Guard, no go. I tried cleaning it with every chemical I have, no go. Any suggestions????
    2013-07-04 04:35 AM
  2. Cowboy's Avatar
    Try rubbing a dryer sheet? It make work then you would need to clean it with windex

    And id take a silver one
    2013-07-04 05:04 AM
  3. B-Roll's Avatar
    Tried that. It seemed to work but then I did it on another one and got the same result. This is so strange.
    2013-07-05 02:16 AM
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    Just when I was beginning to think I was the only person with ****** up issues. I'm at a loss. Ill update if I think of anything.
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    2013-07-05 05:11 AM
  5. Cowboy's Avatar
    Tried that. It seemed to work but then I did it on another one and got the same result. This is so strange.
    What about a demagnetize brick?
    2013-07-05 06:35 AM
  6. B-Roll's Avatar
    The only thing I can think of at this point - You know how you take the plastic film off of a 4/4S front or any part really, and SOMETIMES it can leave almost a residue type "film" over the glass still??

    I THINK that's what may be happening. Cus when I wipe the glass down, USUALLY it will immediately start squeaking so as to know I'm actually cleaning what's there (squeaky clean) but when I wipe THIS glass down, it doesn't do that until about 30 seconds after the fact. Maybe I'm just going crazy but I won't know until the mail comes in with some more phones whether or not I'm right.

    This make sense to anyone??
    2013-07-05 07:44 PM