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    Hi I was wondering if someone can help me my i5 is stuck on headphone mode and I have tried almost everything to fix it and nothing has worked plugging and unplugging headphones,blow dryer,deleting com.apple.iapd.plist and none has worked i did checked to c if it was on mute and is not does anybody know of any other file I can erase thru ifile to remove headphone mode please help thank you very much

    PS when I do put the headphone in and listen to music it sounds with static really bad and if I get a call I can hear the phone ring but I can't hear the person calling me unless I have the headphone connected 😁😳Please help any suggestions tia
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    2013-07-13 06:52 AM
  2. DC_Dave's Avatar
    Hi, you could try your iPhone in safe mode to see if the sound comes back. Though the crackling noise does sound like damp in the headphone socket. Try a single drop of wd40 or alcohol cleaner on your headphone jack and plug it into the headphone socket a few times to help clean its contacts.
    2013-07-14 07:19 PM