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  1. bdcooke's Avatar
    I've done screen replacements for friends before with no problem, but it was always with knowing that the screen was actually what needed to be replaced.

    I recently bought an iphone 4s that seemed to work with the exception of the screen being blank. You can see the backlight come on, but no image. I replaced the screen with no difference. I restored the iphone. I checked and checked again all the connections. I looked at the lcd connector under a microscope to see if it was damaged/had a solder problem. The water damage sticker is white. I'm at a loss for what could be the problem. I suppose it could be a defective LCD, but I don't have a way at the moment of testing that.

    Any other ideas what could be wrong?

    Also, it seems like it will only boot up when I plug it in. as soon as it is on, i can unplug it and the power button sleeps/wakes the phone just fine.
    2013-07-30 05:34 PM
  2. RoganLigby's Avatar
    I know it sounds weird, but I would try a new battery. It has resolved that issue for me before. Other than that, I would try a DFU restore. If it still doesn't work, your backlight chip might have been burnt out. Unfortunately that is a pretty labor intensive soldering job.
    2013-08-08 05:22 PM
  3. bdcooke's Avatar
    None of that worked. and I replaced the screen with one that i know is good, so that isn't the problem either. Could it be the backlight chip even if the backlight turns on?
    2013-08-14 01:17 PM