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    So, I changed out a display on an iPod Touch 4th gen. everything went smooth as normal (except the pain of reseating the glass) and afterwards while testing everything was fine, except for camera operation. At first, the rear camera would work but when swapped to front camera the shutter would not open and it freezes up the camera app. Reset all setting back to factory default and still nothing. So, I figured i must have somehow tugged a flex cable wrong or simply disconnected a camera and didnt notice. So I took it back apart and both were connected fine, so i replaced both cameras with new ones just in case. To my surprise, after putting it back together, the cameras still do the same thing. I also even swapped over the small metal plate at the top of the glass from the original screen. With or without made no change. I also restored the iPod fully thinking it was a software bug, but still nothing. So, needless to say, I'm quite lost.

    p.s. If you have tips for the best way to reseat iPod glass, please let me know
    2013-08-04 05:42 PM
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    I have built an iphone 5 over 40 times but not a ipod just to say before i recommend anything.

    I would open up the phone again removing the components and the logic board, Be sure to use a mat so you dont short circuit the board. Once you have the hardware components out. Inspect them closely and give them a clean and a blow to clean the dust or dirt off it. Inspect the flex cable and logic board closely. For inspecting i would google the hardware etc google: ipod touch 4th gen logic board. and view a large image of it so you can inspect and ensure its identical with no missing circuits or parts.

    To me, this sounds like your missing a small component from the logic board which deals with the camera, If the phone software attempts to use the camera when it is not installed (or has damaged components) it is most likely to crash since the component doesn;t exist acording to the phone.

    If it is a logic board problem you can attempt to solder the small item on yourself which i wouldn't recommend as micro soldering is very anoying. or purchase a new logic board which should be around $20 - $100 seeing as its an older model. Apart from that i can't help sorry dude.

    All i can say is try to inspect the board and hope to god it isnt.
    2013-09-04 12:36 PM