1. mkwhater's Avatar
    hi i can't get the sim card out of my phone without opening it. when i looked closer, when pushing the removal tool down it would hit the lever but the lever would stay stuck and the sim would not pop up. i thought tightening the screw would help but it didn't. do i need to buy a replacement lever or is there another solution? thanks
    2013-08-12 12:59 AM
  2. 805 93003's Avatar
    A work-around, but not a fix would be, to take a thin pin or needle and bend the very tip with tweezers into a small less than a mm hook. Then insert this hook a mm or two into the SIM Tray hole, pull back so it catches Tray and simply pull it out. Put new SIM card in. Then use the small hook in future to remove Tray again when needed.
    2013-08-12 07:49 PM
  3. unklbyl's Avatar
    On the little lever, there is a small part that breaks off after a couple of years. It happens quicker if you open the tray ALOT.
    Mine broke off after about 4 months, as i had two cards and kept switching. The part cost nearly nothing, is kind of easy to replace, but as you have learned, is NOT necessary. I used a small darning needle from my wife to get it open.
    2013-08-30 10:45 PM