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    Hello guys (or gals, I'm new here),

    I have a really severe problem with my iPhone. About 6 months ago, I was modding my iPhone with redsn0w and I checked "Install iPad Baseband" and like others, it didn't give me any warning. So I continued with it and when the jailbreaking finished and I restarted the iPhone, I was chucked up with a 2 minute rebooting and a message that says "Restore Needed.".
    I know that it's probably a baseband problem but unlike others, I don't have the airplane mode blanked out. I turned airplane mode on and it's stopped it from restarting. It couldn't be the baseband, because the iPhone would still restart whether airplane mode is on or off.
    I'm not an expert in iPhones, but I've given some inspiration into it. I've already replaced the screen, back housing, the charger cable and the bezel, so I don't want people to say "You just have an expensive doorstop".
    If it helps, the iPhone's locked to O2 United Kingdom.

    The Ry-Guy.
    2013-09-30 04:29 PM
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    Can someone please reply?
    2013-10-02 10:04 PM
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    Hey, welcome to the forum. You should likely include other info ie model, firmware, software versions of the jailbreak tool you're using etc. I'm assuming a 3GS?
    2013-10-06 08:47 AM