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    Title sums it up experts. I couldn't find a certain answer between carriers but I think I am ok. I've got a jb Verizon 4S that is setup perfectly but the screen, camera, and battery are shot. It is a 32gb version. I've also got a near mint ATT 4S, but it has been updated to 7 and is only 16gb. Can I put my Verizon board in the ATT 4S and lose nothing more than the memory difference between the two?

    Thanks in advance!

    ^ lol. I guess the memory is on the board so that shouldn't be an issue........will just swapping the board work though?
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    2013-10-14 01:09 AM
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    Yes that will work
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    Great news. Thank you!
    2013-10-14 11:08 AM