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    Hi @all,

    I have one question regarding a sale of an original iphone 5 back housing.
    I modded my Iphone 5 with a new rear housing and now I'm selling my original backhousing of my iphone 5 because i have no use for it anymore.

    Yesterday one guy was asking about the usage of the iphone and if the imei number would be in use actualy.
    Now I'm confused about selling my rear housing because of the imei and other information on it.

    Do you know if there is any risk for me or the usage of my phone?

    Thanks for contemporary answers and best regards

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    2013-12-12 09:05 AM
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    Yes there is a risk. Your imei number is communicated to your carrier every few days or so which on an iphone I believe is stored on a chip (so you can't change your imei number). I don't know if people can hijack other imei numbers to connect iphones but I PERSONALLY SPEAKING would not freely give out my imei number just in case...

    its like your iphones SS# . No number no benefits
    2013-12-24 02:09 AM