1. gkutch's Avatar
    So I followed a youtube screen replacement tutorial and was able put everything back together. Then when going to turn it on, nothing happened. Holding the power + home button did nothing either, same with a lightning cable. I tried using both a wall charger and plugging into the computer, still nothing. I decided to take it apart once more and re-seat the 3 connections for the lcd, digitizer, and earpiece, nothing! The last idea I had was to disconnect/reconnect the battery. Even after letting it sit 5 minutes unconnected and then reconnecting, it didn't seem to help at all. I don't know what else to check for at this point, any help is appreciated.
    2013-12-18 06:09 AM
  2. drzydave's Avatar
    My first thought was cycle the battery but you already did that... have you attempted to reconnect the broken screen to see if you can make that one work? Also look at your replacement lcd, is there any exposed wires or metal near the flex cables? If there is try putting some tape on it to cover it. Many times the furthest to the top connector comes loose when installing the lcd when that happens you get black screen. I would first try to re-cycle the battery and reattach the broken screen to see if you can confirm that the logic board or connectors arent damaged.
    2013-12-19 04:59 PM
  3. Luisandres62's Avatar
    There are two possibilities here. You got a bad lcd. Did you test it before installation? Or the second one you broke the lcd during installation. If the phone was working before you've replaced the screen, then is not the phone or battery, is the screen. Try to plug it into the computer and see if the phone gets recognize by tunes. Send an email at [email protected] good luck
    2013-12-29 09:19 AM