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  1. adronh's Avatar
    Hello. I am trying to repair a Verizon iPhone 4. The bottom mic is not working. I have changed out the dock connector/mic. I have changed out the headphone jack assembly. I put in a logic board that I know is good. I even swapped out the home button (read somewhere that it may fix it). After all of this, the bottom mic still does not work. Does anyone else have any ideas?

    2014-01-26 08:41 PM
  2. delutedsoul's Avatar
    Just want to get this have done a board swap? So you determined that the microphone issue is absolutely not board related?
    2014-03-11 05:59 AM
  3. BobbyG27's Avatar
    The most simple yet sometimes overlooked thing can be just the rubber grommet is not pushed into the mic tube fully or has a kink.
    2014-03-13 05:18 AM