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    Alright, so heres the situation.
    I was testing my iPhones lcd and screen on another persons phone to test if their phones issue was due to LCD issues and i plugged my screen into theirs to take a look and their screen worked with my screen. Awesome.
    Put my phone back together, but it wouldn't boot properly. It got stuck on the booting screen and wouldn't go to my home screen. No clue why.
    So i too it apart, redid it, and sure enough, same thing. i then tested my screen on my friends again and it works. M screen works properly on his. so why won't it work on mine?
    Literally all i undid on the phones were the three cables that connect the LCD to the logic. Im really upset with myself and unsure as to how this happened. any ideas?

    ps. The ports are clean, they have nothing in them. I have no clue whatsoever what could cause this bizarre issue. does the metal piece that covers the three ribbons need to be screwed down and in place to turn the phone on? I'm pretty sure it doesn't.
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