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    My iPhone 5 AT&T will not charge if it completely dies. It will not show any red charging icon when connecting to computer or wall. The phone charges normally when it is turned on. Is there a trick to fixing this? If there isn’t, I have a possible solution.

    IOS 6------
    - IPhone 5 randomly turned off at 19% battery
    - Showed no signs of life at all
    -Purchased a replacement battery with initial percentage of around 40
    -Phone charges fine and I let it reach 100%
    - If I do a “Slide to turn off” the phone automatically turns back on

    Upgraded to IOS 7----
    - Phone will now turn off and stay off
    - I let the phone completely die
    - Phone appears to be dead again

    So is there a solution to my problem? If not I would like to make a direct connection to the battery and head phone jack. I can solder fairly well. That way when the phone completely dies, I can get some juice in it. I imagine it wouldn’t be a good idea to do a direct connection to the lightning port because it would over charge the battery. What is the pin-out of the iPhone 5 battery connector? Would this create a problem when using my head phones? If it does couldn’t I just install a diode and there would be no interference to my head phones?
    2014-03-17 06:59 AM
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    2014-08-19 04:31 AM