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    Hellow guys , today i gonna tell you my story , i bought an iphone 3gs a couple of years ago , after a while (yesterday) i decide to change the rear panel because that one was cracked all the way , i bought rear case and a headphone jack ring , i open up the phone , take all the things out , put all the pieces on the new case , turn the phone on , display was cracked , i change it , now , the big problem ...
    No signal , i opened up again and i saw a little thing running on my
    Iphone , i look closely and above the antenna socket on the logicboard was a empty space .. There was that place where the tiny thing came from , so i asked my friend google , and i found am website ,"how to solder antenna" i take all i need the gun wire and soldering wire , i solder 2 wires , one front one on the back of antenna , i put sll together and i got low signal , i opened up again , and the second little thing goes out , i solder the wires again because was cracked from the opening,and now i got full signal at the house window on non-data and 3 bars on 3g , but my question is if all that tiny things are broken , how can i recice signal?
    And if i reciced it why it drops or why i dosen t have full signal all the time?
    There is something more to do ?
    If i go to a service , they can fix it ?
    Of should i buy a new logicboard from my local "ebay" ?
    Thank you guys , hope you uderstand my Bad english ,it is not my main.
    2014-04-18 09:24 AM
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    No one?
    2014-04-18 03:52 PM