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    So I converted a cracked iPhone 4 to light blue for a friend (which was succesful). Anyways, then the left it on the side of their hot tub (140 degrees). At first they said it was searching for a signal and the time was wrong as well as the date. I told them to reset network settings, manually reset date and time, and a hard reset. Didn't work. Now its doing about a half boot. It will show the apple logo for about 5 sec then shut off. (will only show apple logo when plugged into comp/charger) Thinking it was the battery I replaced that and still the same thing. Then, I tried the battery which we presumed not working in another iPhone 4 and it worked in that one. Now I'm pretty sure the logic board is fried. They wanted to sell and I bought for $20. Screen is worth that much so very good deal, but would be better if I could get this logic board working again. Just wanting to know if it is the logic board or not. Thanks.
    2014-06-01 04:59 AM