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    I have a repair shop (not a home based business) . We do a lot of business and we do computer, cell phone and tablet repairs. For the last few years I've been getting most of my small parts from Elekworld. I've heard generally good things about them. We all know there a billion HK companies out there selling this stuff but quality is a big thing and most of them do not have good quality.

    I tend to stick with 1 Canadien company for my displays because the quality seems to be better than any other company I've tried. They have a warranty, fast shipping and great support. And by the time shipping + exchange $ goes on with other companies in HK or USA, the price is about the same in CAD $ anyway. Best screens I've seen in my years doing this.

    For small parts, why pay the middle man in Canada? Prices for small parts from Canadian suppliers are triple the cost and they are getting it from HK so why not go directly to the source, right? As a mater of fact, from what I've seen the quality of the Canadian suppliers is garbage. It all comes from HK but there are different qualities. That's what I've been doing hence using Elekworld as one of my main suppliers for small parts and accessories.

    Recently, I believe Elekworld has had some changes. They recently changed their Paypal address and I believe it's under new ownership, the company. It's hard to get a good rep but once you do, it's good. I've been dealing with Joanna recently. But I swore not to order again as I paid almost $200 for a Note 3 screen. It arrived the wrong one and damaged. They requested pictures first, than for it to be sent back Did that now they are denying its theirs saying it has a different symbol. Whatever symbol is on it was there when they sent to me. It's definitely their screen. Also, I have been informed they are no longer accepting Paypal so that's a big red flag for me.

    Long story short, wondering if any of you can recommend a good China/HK supplier that has great prices (on par with Elekword cause they seemed to be the cheapest and best quality) , fast shipping and reasonable shipping rates who accept Paypal. Looking for someone who sells parts for a variety of brands as well as accessories and cases. Someone who can provide a catalog like Elekworld did. Also hard to find.

    etradesupply is good but they are US based so their prices are a bit up there. I've tried before and their prices are good, they are legit with fair customer service but parts are not great quality.

    2015-07-04 10:40 AM