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    {last updated November 1st, 2012}

    This Windows and Mac guide will teach you how to jailbreak various devices using redsn0w 0.9. The current version of redsn0w 0.9 is 0.9.15b3. Note this is an UNTETHERED JAILBREAK, meaning you can reboot your phone just like you normally would.

    This guide should be used with the following device/firmware combinations (if you're not sure, here's how to find your iOS firmware version and how to find your iOS device type):

    • iPhone 3G | 4.3.4
    • iPhone 3GS | 4.3.3
    • iPhone 3GS | 4.3.4
    • iPhone 3GS | 4.3.5
    • iPhone 3GS | 5.0
    • iPhone 3GS | 5.0.1
    • iPhone 4 | 4.2.9
    • iPhone 4 | 4.2.10
    • iPhone 4 | 4.3.3
    • iPhone 4 | 4.3.4
    • iPhone 4 | 4.3.5
    • iPhone 4 | 5.0
    • iPhone 4 | 5.0.1
    • iPad 1 | 4.3.3
    • iPad 1 | 4.3.4
    • iPad 1 | 4.3.5
    • iPod touch 3G | 4.3.4
    • iPod touch 3G | 4.3.5
    • iPod touch 4G | 4.3.4
    • iPod touch 4G | 4.3.5
    • iPod touch 4G | 5.0
    • iPod touch 4G | 5.0.1

    If you prefer the fuller version of this guide with pictures, click here for OS X or here for Windows.

    Alright, let's get started. First thing you'll need to do is download redsn0w 0.9.15b3 for your operating system - the OS X version is at and the Windows version of is at Double-click the zip file to unzip it, and open the redsn0w folder to see the redsn0w icon.

    • Making sure your device is connected, double-click redns0w to launch it. You will see the redsn0w home screen - press the Jailbreak button.
    • Before you do anything on the next screen, power off your device by pressing and holding the sleep button (the button on the top) until the slide to power off screen comes up. Slide to power off.
    • Alright, NOW you can press Next on the redsn0w page which tells you to power off your device. NOTE: redsn0w will IMMEDIATELY ask you to press and hold the sleep button on the device, then continue holding it while pressing the home button, then continue holding the home button while letting go of the sleep button. Make sure your device is in your hands before pressing Next in redsn0w.
    • After successfully following the prompts of holding buttons down (this is entering DFU mode for the device), redsn0w will tell you it is Exploiting with limera1n. You can now let go of the home button on your device.
    • redsn0w will go through a few screens, telling you it is waiting for a reboot, then popping up a new window with various status messages as it jailbreaks your device.
    • Once that is done, you'll be shown a screen asking what you'd like to do. The default action (which we'll be doing in this guide) is to Install Cydia. You're welcome to check any other boxes you'd like, but please only do so if you know what you're doing. Press Next when you've selected your choices.
    • redsn0w will now tell you Uploading ramdisk, which will take a few seconds, and then say Done! Once it says Done! it is safe to close redsn0w, as the rest of the jailbreak process will happen on the device itself.
    • Your device will now scroll a bunch of command line messages as the jailbreak completes. After a minute or so of the scrolling text, you will see the pwnapple logo with some more status updates (the final step before your jailbreak is complete).
    • That's it! You're now holding a jailbroken device. Not too bad, eh?
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  2. 2k1's Avatar
    Very good guide. Thinking of jailbreaking my phone haven't been with a stock phone for this long
    2011-10-30 08:24 PM
  3. shazam's Avatar
    Does this process unlock the phone as well?
    2011-11-23 04:09 PM
  4. 2k1's Avatar
    No just to jailbreak
    2011-11-23 04:11 PM
  5. calel06's Avatar
    Same problem! iPhone 4, 5.0.1, 9A405, MD200LL, Sprint... can't jailbreak, why???

    Please help!!!
    2012-01-22 07:39 AM
  6. Alhdodi's Avatar
    I havent done it , but I wonder how I will not reboot my device in normal way ,coz My device is iphone 3Gs , it jelbreaked but with ios 4 and i want to upgrad it to version 5 .
    Please i want help
    2012-02-06 06:43 AM
  7. cuini2013's Avatar
    good share, thanks for the great info.
    2013-05-27 04:54 PM
  8. dabadi23's Avatar
    Please help me.... I have jailbroken my device last night from redsn0w. Iphone 3gs, semi-untethered,6,1,3. When i waked up this morning, i opened my pc to boot my device. I opened redsn0w and clicked just boot. When it boots, it only shows white screen. Please help me
    2013-09-11 08:42 AM
  9. jailbreakwizz's Avatar
    what is the Difference Between Jailbreak & Factory Unlock?
    2013-09-25 03:05 PM
  10. jadux's Avatar
    what is the Difference Between Jailbreak & Factory Unlock?
    i just unlock my iphone 3gs yesterday... it was US locked and now i can use any sim...\

    if you have questions or errors please add me up in facebook... "jadux orene"

    i know how to fix error: ^_^

    no need to factory unlock but need to jailbreak., if you have problem after it was jailbreak ios 6.1.3 no service then it is very simple...
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    2014-01-19 04:36 AM
  11. Timothy007's Avatar
    Why My iPad 4 Is In The Apple Logo I Waited For 5 Hours Do I Need To Do The Jailbreak Again? OTA Means That I Update My Device Through WI-FI But I Used Via iTunes
    2014-06-02 02:02 PM