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    Cydia is the application that is installed on your iDevice after you jailbreak it. It's a store similar to the App Store and iTunes Store, only it sells tweaks and third party applications instead of things that Apple approves. They vary between prices and some are free. Since you need to be on a jailbroken iDevice to use Cydia, you will need to follow our guides on jailbreaking your iDevice from this link. This guide is intended for beginner level jailbreakers and will show you how to add sources to increase the size of your potential download library.

    One of the first things you may want to do after jailbreaking your iDevice is add sources to Cydia. A source is defined as a hosting Web server that developers can submit their releases to. From that source, you can download and install tweaks or applications that the developers upload to it. Different sources have different content. Some of them are legal, some are not. The default sources that you find on your iDevice after jailbreaking are all legitimate sources; in fact, one of them is our source: Modmyi. It's not recommended that you add sources unless you know who's hosting them. Third party sources can contain malware and infected applications which have the ability to detrimentally harm your iDevice. Once you find a source that you trust, you can follow this guide on adding it.

    To begin, make sure that you have a jailbroken device with Cydia on your SpringBoard. When you open Cydia for the first time, the window will look like the one pictured below. You need to tap on the Manage tab; it has the book icon on it:

    Once you tap on the manage tab you will have three options. You want to tap on the Sources button and as indicated below:

    Tapping on the sources button will bring you to a library of your sources. You can see all of the pre-installed ones here (including Modmyi). You will tap on the Edit button on the top right of the screen, and then tap on the Add button at the top left of the screen as shown below:

    After tapping the add button, a prompt window will appear asking you to enter a source. Go ahead and type in the source (it will be a URL) that you found which you want to add, then press the Add Source button:

    When you press add source, Cydia will go through the source and begin populating all of its content into your Cydia library. This process will show a command-line-like screen that will show each step after another. When it finishes, Cydia will begin reloading the data as seen below:

    After Cydia reloads the data, you will be able to see your source that you added in the list of sources. Now when you do a search for something in Cydia, it will include search results from the source that you added. Congratulations, you've just added a source to Cydia!
    2011-12-20 10:06 PM
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    one question when i first added the big boss website , it showed me the website twice, one with the BB logo, and the next one with a question mark, is it normal?
    2011-12-21 10:22 AM
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    So after jailbreaking I found that the BigBoss repo was empty which put a serious damper on restoring my previous packages. I quickly learned I was not the only one experiencing this issue. I attempted to remedy it by deleting the repo and reinstalling it but the trouble is I can't reinstall it. I tried jailbreaking my phone again but the repo won't come back. How do I fix this?
    2011-12-28 06:54 AM
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    Deleting the repo would do nothing. The repos are under very heavy traffic. This is normally what happens when an untether jailbreak releases. Just have to be patient.
    2011-12-28 10:25 AM
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    Where can I get a list of repos, I can't find some stuff I used to have before I reinstalled cydia
    2011-12-28 05:31 PM
  6. Bassinbum's Avatar
    When I try o
    To get a theme from cydia, I get a message that says " unable to purchase ...." is this because the untethered jailbreak is so new, or have I missed a step while jail breaking?
    2011-12-29 01:08 AM
  7. Prdarden0's Avatar
    Where can I get a list of repos, I can't find some stuff I used to have before I reinstalled cydia
    You can just search the web for a list of sources
    2011-12-29 01:38 AM
  8. Mario1227's Avatar
    Help! I updated some essentails for cydia and reloaded my springboard. Now my iPhone 4 running on 5.0 keeps respringing by itself at the lockscreen and i don't know how to stop it! I already tried to reboot it manualy but it didn't work. Can someone please HELP ME!!!!!!!
    2011-12-30 01:47 AM
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    could anyone advise what problems I may have encountered from the Cydia. I've the 3rd Gen iPod which I tried to trial out the JB before attempting to do the same for my iPhone 3GS. Everytime I've tried to add a source by carry out the procedure as advised: Cydia -> Manage -> Sources -> Edit -> Add, once I hit the add button, the Cydia crashes. The same thing happens to the Search function, as everytime I tried to select the field to enter the search, it crashes.

    Any advise is grateful.

    Thank you.
    2012-01-29 12:04 PM