1. Bootsie*1's Avatar
    I unlocked my friends iPhone a couple of months ago using iLiberty+, and it worked great other than it has had the problem of not saving settings in weather etc. She finally brought it back to me to fix the problem, but the problem is old now, so I cannot find the right command that I need to enter in winscp.

    I do not want to re-unlock, because the phone works great, and I do not have the time to mess with another unlock program.

    If someone could just provide the correct command that I could copy and paste that would be so great. Thanks!
    2008-06-26 12:10 AM
  2. Zeal's Avatar
    What do you mean as the right command? Like the Password and username?

    The username is root
    The password is alpine

    And you have to install Open SSH via Installer.
    2008-07-09 07:15 AM