1. IS300T's Avatar
    hey guys i recently jailbroke and activated my iphone with iliberty. 1.1.4(4a102) and frim mo. 04.04.05_G. i have att as my svc provider but my sim is still the old cingular 64k sim would i need to unlock my iphone or is it another problem ?
    2008-07-10 12:21 AM
  2. Poseidon79's Avatar
    Give it a shot... no harm in testing it out.
    2008-07-10 02:39 AM
  3. Tejh's Avatar
    According to what I have read, the old AT&T sim card will not work properly with the iPhone. Something to do with them upgrading their systems and now the card won't work. The simplest method to fixing this would be just going to a AT&T store near you and asking them to switch your sim information over to a new sim card. It happens all the time here and shouldn't cost you anything since you are currently an existing customer
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    2008-07-10 05:40 AM
  4. Novam101's Avatar
    this may not be your old sim card, i just upgraded in itunes to 1.1.4, used iliberty to jailbreak/activate, and i am no longer getting my AT&T signal (non iphone plan).

    that being said i may be having different issues... i also cant sync with itunes >.<
    2008-07-11 09:24 PM