1. Magnum's Avatar
    i unlocked and jailbroke and installed installer and bsd subsystem and hactiated an iphone using iliberty...

    but everytime i try to install something or anything usin installer theres a main script failure...

    help? thanks to all!!
    2008-07-24 05:03 AM
  2. cpjr's Avatar
    Only thing I can think of.....make sure you have the latest version of Installer.
    2008-07-24 05:29 AM
  3. pncntigger's Avatar
    Hit clear que then try and install something again.
    2008-07-27 05:20 AM
  4. txina's Avatar
    i recently upgrade my 1st gen iphone and non of the best know programes work everytime the fone is put on d recovery mode it freezes and then the connect to itunes sign appears plz help!!!
    2008-07-28 04:21 AM