1. BK1Jammin's Avatar
    What is the most recent firmware that I can update my iPhone to (1st gen) and still be unlocked, jailbroken and have the installer/app store? I'm on 1.1.4 right now and none of my settings are saving and it's pissing me off. None of the solutions here are working.

    So can I update to 2.0 or 2.1 using iLiberty+, or do I need to stay at 1.1.4?
    2008-09-24 02:36 AM
  2. Tohsh's Avatar
    Use QuickPwn for Windows or PwnageTool/QuickPwn for Mac. Its not teh fail like iLiberty+. Upgrade iTunes to 8.0 and upgrade your iPhone to 2.1. Run QuickPwn and select Unlock + Add Cydia for the options. You will need:

    1. BL-39.bin (Google it)
    2. BL-46.bin (Google it)
    3. QuickPwn for Windows or QuickPwn for Mac (Links on MMI Download Section)
    4. Patience.

    Good luck.

    Be aware that if you are on AT&T there is no reason to unlock the phone and thus you will not need BL-39+BL-46. These two files are only required if you are not on AT&T and need a SIM unlock.
    2008-09-28 01:35 AM