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  1. ///AJ-Vishus's Avatar
    Hey guys, I decided to test my mac, had over 26 applications running at the same time, i never did that before... i was impressed of how it ran soo smoothly during all this my videos never froze, itunes played flawlessly, and web browsing was as quick as always. My question is if i decied to upgrade the Ram from 1gb to 4gb, how much of a performance increase would it yield and where would i be able to see any improvement?

    *using expose to look at all apps

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    Iphone 3g 16gb

    2008-10-30 08:44 PM
  2. jtnave23's Avatar
    Honestly, if you were going from 1GB to 2GB, not much difference. But with 1GB to 4GB, I would do it in a heartbeat! Ram is pretty cheap right now, so it would help with it's longevity and resale value. If you don't decide to buy, use the money for a bigger/faster hard drive. It never hurts to add memory...
    2008-10-30 09:52 PM