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    Hi guys !

    after much success with simple USB W.Digital My Books for a number of years to store my extensive iTunes library, photos, etc… having read so many wonderful things about OWC/NewerTech Guardian Maximus Quad interface Raid box, i decided to take the plunge, ordered one & installed 2 Western Digital Caviar Green 3TB bare drives in it

    using CarbonCopyCloner i copied the content to these & started using it.
    right from the start i noticed my late 2009 27'' iMac i7, with 16GB RAM, constantly ''freezing'' when connected via FW800 yet when i tried it via USB it was all good !?..

    i have 4 more W.Digital My Book drives, an H.P C6180 all in one printer, a Cambridge Audio DacMagic, an APC UPS connected to my computer via USB through a pair of Logitech Premium powered USB hubs + my HD plasma TV via mini-DisplayPort/HDMI adapter & a Wacom Cintiq 21UX also via an adapter

    thinking it might be caused by some weird incompatibility between any one of these components or so, i unplugged EVERYTHING from my iMac, made sure EVERY power supply for the above were ALL in working order ( they are.. ) checked & double checked ALL the cables ( even got a couple of new ones just in case..) checked the USB hubs + their power supplies, you name it - EVERYTHING IS O.K. !

    tried plugging in one component at a time - everything worked fine ! however each & every time i plugged in the Guardian Max via FW800 it happened, time & again....regardless if plugged by itself or in combination with any other component
    funnily enough the Guardian Max connected via USB gave no problems whatsoever !?
    after a little ''Googling'' i could see i'm NOT alone with this sort of problem among Mac users & that it happens with all sorts of drive makes ….as long as FW800 is being used !?

    has anyone come across this quirky behavior or has any idea what might be the solution for this ?

    i mean, to stream the music, USB is plenty fast but it's still frustrating to have intentionally bought a FW800 capable box & not be able to use its advantages

    many thanks !
    2012-03-05 09:44 AM
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    Hi Guys

    me again & this time i think it's good news - knock on wood !….

    as someone had very rightfully suggested, i took the Guardian Maximus to a friend's place, connected it via FW800 to his iMac ( exact same model/year as mine.. ) did ALL I COULD to make it stumble like read & write several LARGE files of 20, 40, 60 AND 85GB SIMULTANEOUSLY &……NOTHING WENT WRONG !!?….then we went out for dinner, took our time ( question of giving time for the drives to go to sleep/park & perhaps create yet another situation which somehow could cause the freezing ?.. ) returned, all was good, drives woke up immediately to stream some music when prompted to...
    then kept going at it for roughly 5 more hours & ALL went well..the G.MAX didn't miss a single beat/bit - how's that for a bad pun ?

    *so when i returned home i created a new user account on my computer, logged in & again pushed the GMAX as much as i could : this went on for 6 hours now & nothing went wrong ! after that i ejected the drive, logged back into my regular user account, ran Onyx to ''clean house'' a little, restarted it, switched on the drive & it's been now a day & a half NOTHING has gone wrong !?
    *maybe it was just some gremlin who meanwhile got scared & ran for his life ? who knows ? i swear, sometimes my computer seems to have a life of his own….

    the only difference between then & now i can think off is that before i had the FW800 cable running right above this row of wallwarts/sockets & now it's on top of my desk - could it be this interfered negatively w/ the FW800 cable/signals ? electromagnetic fields/interference & all that ?…..

    *check photos here :

    P1020257 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

    - the 1st pic shows the path of the FW800 cable as i had it before
    - the 2nd shows how it's laid out now
    - the 3rd's the same just behind the computer itself

    *later i WILL try again running the cable under the desk but will get maybe some shielding of some kind ? it's just that i just HATE having them cables all over the place, you know ?..
    *anyway for the time being i'm VERY happy with this outcome. now i guess only time will tell if any misbehaving *returns or not

    *so, for the time being i'm just going to lay back & enjoy my music while i work ! ;-) if anything happens down the line i'll let you know even if just for the sake of sharing details for future reference


    2012-03-09 11:23 AM
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    no telling. sounds like you probably did something crazy, on your account. that cause an initial hiccup with the port itself. and mac's retain port memory. you could have flashed your nvram and reset this. glad you solved this issue. but yes you are right, mac's have a lot of personality. they do some extremely finicky stuff. I have been a mac user for a long time, never owned a windows machine. and I will say. out of 21 years, I have only had 3 hardware issues with apple products in all. 2 of those was with a mac computer. every other time, it was some stupid move I made. you could have been streaming a movie to an iPad, or apple tv. from your drive thru your mac. and went online, and got a flash commercial from a website, that caused the initial hiccup. and the cookie fr the site might be valid for 30 years. that is normally where I start when my mac does anything out of the ordinary.

    other than that, all of my mac products have always worked. I also have the same set up on external, OWC 6 TB external. pushing hard with plex to apple tv, and iPads for my movie collection.

    if you have a question in the future, mac related. feel free to pm me
    2012-04-13 04:27 AM
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    Hi Hemptation

    first of all......hum....i DON'T KNOW WHY ;-) ;-) ;-) but i LIKE your username !!...LOL...

    now seriously, you're telling me something i DIDN'T know - the port memory..
    cool ! i AM going to look into this as soon as i'm done here !

    me too NEVER had a Windows machine. i'm sure they are extremely capable but the few ''contacts'' i had with them, made me realize i'm EXTREMELY allergic to certain ''character traits'' ( clunkiness ?.. ) & gave me the certainty they ARE NOT my cup of tea.....the Mac is not perfect but IT DOES suit my temper, personality, whatever...
    although not a Mac user with as many years/experience under the belt, i'm on my third iMac ( 27'' i7 iMac w/ 16gb RAm.. ) & overall i am an extremely HAPPY CAMPER - it's a very capable machine, gorgeous screen, you name it, it's smooth as silk !!

    if any criticism could be made is that it's too ''uneventful'' ? which makes me enjoy myself SO MUCH, i loose track of time & spend perhaps too many hours fiddling w/ it !

    now about the ''problem'' that brought me here to start with :

    would you believe i re-routed the FW cable as it originally was &.....NOTHING !!! the G.Maximus has NEVER missed a beat ever again - & my computer/drives/etc are on 24/7 + i do listen to my music easily 5 to 8 hours a day - i work at home....

    so, on to check the memory port & flash the nvram things you mention - many thanks for your input & making me aware of yet another thing i knew nothing about !! have a great week-end



    P.S.: i dont usually do this but i must say that although i bought this Guardian Maximus enclosure elsewhere ( here in Europe, because of taxes/paperwork.. ) OWC tech support where absolutely 6*:
    fast to answer back, suggesting several possible solutions, asking this & the other - dedicated people to say the least !! i WILL definitely buy their stuff again
    2012-04-13 08:40 PM
  5. H4CK3R's Avatar
    Did ya get it fixed bro?
    2012-04-14 12:23 AM
  6. nuno1959's Avatar
    Hi X H4CK3R X

    that's the beauty of it : i DID NOTHING ( or so i think.. ) & it fixed itself !? ....LOL....computers will never cease to amaze me.. ;-)


    2012-04-14 02:26 AM
  7. H4CK3R's Avatar
    Ah glad ya got it fixed bro
    2012-04-14 02:32 AM
  8. nuno1959's Avatar
    hi X H4CK3R X

    me again, just to say that ever since i last posted here, i have been using the G.Maximus w/ the W.Digital Caviars &....not a single problem ever again ! i have no clue why but sure am happy about it

    so there you are, just thought i'd let you know

    again thanks for your input, cheers

    2012-05-21 11:32 PM
  9. H4CK3R's Avatar
    No problem glad it's fixed.
    2012-05-22 08:57 PM