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    Ok so I'm upgrading my MacBook pro mid 2010 ram to 8GB and now since I'm going to have 2x2GB 1033 MHz extra ram sticks left could I put them into my iMac which has 2 extra slots left but the other slots have 2x2GB sticks but their 1333 MHz sticks. Would it even work?

    Lets say it does work would it still be worth even putting this in to get 4 extra GB's? I heard that the 1333 MHz sticks would be lowered to 1033 MHz to match the other extra ram sticks. Is this true?

    iMac Mid 2010 27-in i7
    MacBook pro Mid 2010 15-in i7
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    The 1066 MHz RAM will down clock the 1333 MHz to 1066 MHz. Not worth it. 1333 MHz RAM is so cheap, just buy some specifically for the iMac.
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    2012-03-18 09:30 PM