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    Out of Intel | Guide to install MAC OSX86 on Gigabyte EP43-S3L | iHackintosh Your's Daily tech Savoy

    So Finally now i m out of intel this time i select gigabyte rather than intel this is my 7th board in past two & half year my first one was intel DG 102 GGC Than 945 GCPE , 965 , DG 31 GC , DG 33 FB , DG 35 EC and now Gigabyte EP43 - S3L. I am quite surprise with its performance with Vista & XP but for MAC it is not so very good but it is enough for me. Installiton was very panic because there is not a such useful guide at all dont worry this guide will help's you most. Now i have a Quad boot system { XP VISTA UBUNTU OSX } sounds great......

    System Configuration.

    Gigabyte GA EP43-S3L 1600 Over clocked.
    Intel E8400 3.0 Ghz 1333 FSB 6MB L2 Cache.
    NVIDIA 8600
    Kingston DDR 2 @ 800 MHZ 1200 Over clocked.
    HDD 1 Western Digital 500 GB 16 MB buffer. { For XP VISTA UBUNTU }
    HDD 2 Western Digital 80 GB 08 MB buffer. { For MAC OSX Leopard }
    Samsung DVD RW Pata
    Things you need..............
    Kalyway 10.5.2 { Chameleon Bootloader not EFI }
    If you have Kalyway ISO check here how to patch Chameleon Boot.

    Seprate Hard-Disk.
    I personally like to install OSX on seprate hdd because i can't afford to install all os in single day it really suck's . "Prevention is better than Cure"
    Pre-installation Setting's Make sure
    BIOS setting..
    HPET Enabled
    CPUID Disabled
    SATA in IDE mode
    Jumper setting..
    Your rom/writer must be set as Primary Master.
    Your hard-disk must be set as Primary Slave .

    And dont check any option in customize options while Installation.
    2008-12-12 08:14 AM