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    hey guys how's it going, i'm a long time modmyi user, first time poster/requester. i go around this site a lot checkin out new ways to pimp out my iphone n make it run faster n perform better n such, n i was just wondering since u guys are all super helpful you guys might be able to help me install this JaS OS X 10.4.8 for intel (any version of mac os actually, just i have this one already) onto my toshiba satelite u300. i saw a post for installing leo4allv3 on a satelite a215(i think) but i dont kno if that method works for this model. if anybody can help or knows the answer to these questions, it wud b greatly appreciated.

    thank guys

    iPhone 3G 8GB FW 3.1.2
    Monster DROID Theme
    2010-03-11 02:57 AM
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    131 views and no replies?! really?!
    2010-03-13 03:14 AM