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    i need to fresh install SL on my MBP. it need to be done over network from a PC to MBP due to superdrive not working.
    if i turn on remote install on PC, folow steps, no mather what option i choose (airport, ethernet), MBP never pick any instalation disk after reboot.
    WiFi uses WPA, i am not using DHCP over ethernet (ip always the same). it simply doesnt see any network disks, no matter what i do. if mac boots up to Vista (preinstalled on my disk, thats why i want to fresh install it), network works, both. WiFI and ethernet.
    i really dont know what else to do, new superdrive could do it, but unless it comes from across a whole planet (i live in UK), i cannot do anything else...
    please, help me...
    2010-04-22 12:04 AM