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    guys, plz help me in getting my webcam to work! PLZZZZZ!!!
    2012-02-19 12:43 PM
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    hello , I've done your guide by the book so far, I got to the part where I got my 8gb usb drive done on a real mac and i plugged in the mouse and keyboard and the usb and started the supposed install.. but after the apple logo shows and the small round thing under it that it shows it's loading , the pc just shuts down..did it a couple times, i guess its right when it's supposed to get to the greating/language screen... please help me
    2013-03-11 12:56 PM
  3. modmacman's Avatar
    Does not work. Using stock ASUS EEEPc 1005 HAB. 1GB Ram. 8GB USB Drive, created using retail Snow Leopard 10.6.0 CD. Boots Chameleon OK.

    On normal Chameleon USB boot, it gets to the gray screen with busy icon, which spins a while and then just stops.

    Verbose boot, it spams errors in (failed to load) and finally just says "done. CPU halted" and stops.

    Double verified that I copied all required KEXTs into the correct locations after running the installer kit.

    Noticed BIOS was at the original release version, so I flashed it up to 1203 which everyone here says works.... now instead of hanging.... it just shuts down after the gray screen. Never get the install screen to show up.
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    2013-05-10 06:56 PM
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    Hi everyone. I have figured out, with a few tweaks, how to hackintosh the Eee PC 1005hab. You need to replace the kernel in the install USB with the atom one, as well as in the hard drive when the computer is on. To do this, boot from the instal disc, select the language, and choose Utilites, terminal. Then do cd /Volumes followed by ls (that's a L not an I) then you will see the names of the hard drives. I will use the name Mac OS X as he hard drive name, and Mac OS X Install CD as the install USB in this tutorial. All the quotes are supposed to be there. Do mv /Volumes/"Mac OS X"/mach_kernel mach_kernel_1062
    Then do cp /Volumes/"Mac OS X Install CD"/mach_kernel /Volumes/"Mac OS X"

    Then you can reboot. There is one space I between kernel and /Volumes above

    Then you can continue once your OS X has booted.
    2014-07-04 01:34 PM
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