1. smoovie's Avatar
    If any developers read this esp. installer.app devs. Can you please add services.plist with afc2 to installer so we can have access via iBrickr or Manzana. This would be really helpful to quite a few people I'm sure

    Thank you.

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    2007-10-30 02:12 AM
  2. AlpineLegacy06's Avatar
    I second that. That would make it so much easier than manually installing it thru winscp.
    2007-10-30 08:02 AM
  3. ReVan's Avatar
    sneak peak @ File Mods its been released.
    2007-10-30 09:15 PM
  4. smoovie's Avatar
    Thanks ReVan. I know there are a couple files floating around but I don't have WiFi to install it on my phone. Putting it on installer will allow me to upload it to the phone thus setting me free-er.
    2007-10-30 11:40 PM
  5. jedinight's Avatar
    2007-10-31 12:01 AM
  6. mofolo's Avatar

    I think afc2 is now required on installer.

    1.1.3 does not have afc2 support, and doing the MobileFinder method no longer works, as mobileFinder has no permissions over the system files.

    Please help!
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    2008-02-14 12:23 AM
  7. iBlade's Avatar
    You can use the Ziphone iBrickr Fix in installer and regain access with iBrickr 0.91 and iphonebrowser. I used it on my 16 gig 1.1.3 after jailbreak, activate and unlock of course.
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    2008-02-14 12:40 AM