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    I've noticed that on modmyi and other websites that they offer applications for your iphone, and I was wondering how to put these applications on your phone. The only method i currently know of is using the Installer App on the phone...but that only provides a limited list of the apps I see available online. Is there a tutorial anywhere to show how to put applications downloaded from websites onto the phone? Or does anyone know how to do it and can explain it quickly? Thanks!!
    2008-05-02 02:12 PM
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    You can download these apps either from the downloads section here, or their associated code.google.com webpages. Once downloaded, you can move them to your iPhone via SSH (wireless) or programs such as IBrickr, Funtastic, etc (cable).

    IMO, the easiest way if you have a wireless connection is SSH, using either WinSCP for the PC or Transmit/Cyberduck for the Mac.
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    2008-05-02 02:20 PM
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    Thank you....the thing is I dont really want to risk transferring files to my iphone from programs because im kind of a noob at this and I dont want to damage anything because I dont have any warranty or anything...
    I've heard of a method where you add sources or something to your installer application and it lets have access to a wider range of downloadable apps.

    One more thing: When i try to download some apps it says "not from a trusted source" or something and theres a red install button...while other sources just have the regular install button. Is it dangerous to install from these untrusted sources? i.e. will it mess up your phone?

    Thank you.
    2008-05-02 02:34 PM
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    Ah, I get ya. Go here:


    This is a list of all the Rogue Repo's for the iPhone. The "not from a trusted source" simply means the Repo hasn't been registered with Community Sources. Any App, whether from a trusted or un-trusted source can possibly mess up your iPhone. It's pretty much use at your own risk.
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    2008-05-02 02:44 PM