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    so i had 3.0, it wasnt allowing me to install anything so i went into iDemocracy and went to jail break, long version Bsd/SSH/Installer option and now it put Installer 2.63 and i have 1.1.1, and it isnt working, i have alot of sources and other stuff, and its doesnt give me the option of upgrading via installer. plz help

    someone help
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    2007-11-20 10:28 AM
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    Hi, I had the same issue (I think). Had up & downgraded a few times and ended up with 1.1.1 but installer.app wasn;t allowing me to install 1.1.1 apps as it kept saying my formware wasn't 1.1.1 , funny thing is it also didn;t alow me to install 1.0.2 apps either.

    What I ended up doing is Option+Restore (Shift+Restore on Windows) via iTunes and selected the 1.1.1 firmware again, after restore I did the jailbreakme.com trick to get WIfI and activate/unlock ( http://iphone.unlock.no/ )

    Working like a charm again... pheew, i'll be staying away from 1.1.2 for a while.
    2007-11-20 10:47 AM
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    People are already replying to your other thread, it's a bit retarded to start another one asking the same question, it just pisses people off
    2007-11-20 11:59 AM
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