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    Ok so only installer 3.11 freezes 3.1 is fine and yes ive checked the freezing guide nothing worked this is just with 3.11. Anyone gotta a clue on how to fix it? (also ive used ziphone, iliberty+ and winpwn and it did it on all of them and no i didnt do them all at once)

    Oh and i forgot to mention im on 1.1.4
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    2008-05-29 04:55 AM
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    To fix the freezing problme im sorry but you will have to restore it in iTunes and then re-jailbreak it.Donít re-jailbreak as soon as you restore it. Go to contacts tap + and then First Last then just type on the key board anything for about 20s then tap cancel NOT HOME. Then re-jailbreak it and thats it. If you want to you can re-upgrade it and it WILL NOT freez. I dontít know why this works but it does. I take no credit for this i DID NOT come up with this.
    2008-06-23 12:35 AM
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    did it work or not???

    i have the same problem; when i upgrade, and then go onto installer, everything freezes!!!

    also, were you talking about jailbreaking with Ziphone or with winpwn??
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    2008-08-17 01:41 PM