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    hi i need some help. everytime i open installer it seems fine. I click on something i want to download. Seems fine. so the bar at the bottom fills, and the download part goes smoothly, but when it starts to install it, it quits out to the home screen. Any help?
    i have around 25 apps nstalled and none of them give me any problems, so i want to know whats wrong with it. I have installed the all sources source by shai if that matters. I know how to ssh, so if that could be a solution then tell me. Please help!!


    anybody know?
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    2008-06-04 03:04 AM
  2. kvisions's Avatar
    There's a few things you can try. First; Go in via SSH and recursively set the permissions of the directory to 755.

    If this doesn't work, go into the /private/var/mobile/Library/Installer/ directory and rename or remove the following files:


    Restart your iPhone. Removing these files will force installer to refresh sources, and pull down new package information.

    If neither of these work, I'm afraid you may have to restore. Perhaps someone else has a better idea... Use iLiberty; Ziphone is dangerous.

    "If it doesnt work as intended, try pressing the buttons a little harder."

    2008-06-04 05:05 PM
  3. myystiqueen's Avatar
    well actually i had this problem in my earlier days of using iphone... i installed bosstool and checked my free disk space and it told me that i got 0MB free of 300MB in /var.. but i got around 12048MB free out of 14000MB in /. so that means i have no space to install another applications.. that's why i used bosstool to relocate my ringtones, fonts and applications to the '/' partitions so that i can install lots of new applications....

    i'm not sure if this helps, but it works for me... gud luck!!
    2008-06-05 01:30 AM
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    Sadly, BossTools' "Relocate Apps" feature has not been working for some time.

    I have not seen an update since to address this problem.

    Cydia does this, and is a very useful application as well. Probably best to use this instead; at least until BossTools' issue has been corrected.
    "If it doesnt work as intended, try pressing the buttons a little harder."

    2008-06-05 05:58 PM