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  1. Melonking's Avatar
    Ok I'm not shore if any one had posted about this before but any way. This is how I found the problem. My iPhone got messed up so I restored it and once that was done I re jailbreak it with ZiPhone and I went to install a few apps that I used to have on it. Well, you know the way when you install an app on it the app disappears from the listings and goes to your uninstall folder, any way when I search for the apps THAY ARE NOT BACK the apps are still gone but now they are not in my uninstall folder. WHAT SHOULD I DO?
    2008-06-05 10:50 PM
  2. ALL DAY's Avatar
    Reinstall your sources? That's most likely why the apps are not there.
    2008-06-06 05:34 AM