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    Installing Installer.app

    1. [Download installer1.1.1] and save it to your desktop.

    2. Download a program to transfer apps to your iPhone. (iNdependence, Cyberduck, iFuntastic).. im using iNdependence.

    3. Open iNdependence and jailbreak the phone by clicking on "Perform Jailbreak" and follow the directions.

    4. After the process completes, Click "Install SSH/SFTP/SCP" and follow the directions.

    5. Click on Customize on the toolbar, than click Applications, than click System.

    6. Drag your install.app file from your desktop to where all the system applications are being shown.

    A window is going to pop up that is going to look like this, which you have to find out your Phone IP.

    7. While connected to your WiFi, on your phone, go to Settings>Wi-Fi and click on the blue arrow of your current Wi-Fi. Copy down the IP Address shown and type that in the box. The default password is dottie.
    ------------------------------------ Tutorial by Psychoticpanda

    If a window comes up saying it was the incorrect password, go to SSH on the toolbar and click on "Change Password".. For Account name it should be root and the password you should change it to dottie. Than you can do Steps 5-7 over and it should work. Any other problems ? Try to quit the program and restart it.
    2007-11-28 11:33 PM