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    i downloaded it but have no idea how to use it or start it for that matter i clicked on install and it created a folder on my desktop with a bunch of files.
    2007-12-13 10:51 PM
  2. gravytrain's Avatar
    I didn't want to bother anyone, but after looking through the tread I couldn't find a clear answer to my issue. Here is my repository .xml file along with the theme. After I add my source, when I go to install Matrixx theme, i get the main Script Execution error. I do not have the hash key, but neither do I know how the hash is created. I'm on Windows XP. Please enlighten me???
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    2007-12-14 09:37 PM
  3. gravytrain's Avatar
    Ok, so I got rig of the main script execution error by going through my code line by line. However I now get the "Package Download Failed" error. I've attached everything current. Please help, I'm dying here
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    2007-12-15 04:58 AM
  4. gravytrain's Avatar
    Guys, I'm still sinking can someone throw me a life jacket. I thought my only solution was to repost. Sorry, if that was incorrect.
    2007-12-17 11:46 PM
  5. armadillo's Avatar
    Okay, I took a look. You have the wrong size key. The key in your xml is 617909, but the size of your zip is actually 617931. So if you change accordingly, it should download fine.

    Also, in your update script, you don't need the RemovePath part, since the theme will be overwritten when issuing CopyPath.
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    2007-12-18 01:50 AM
  6. gravytrain's Avatar
    ok, so I made those changes and it about halfway through "Checking Package" and then it errors out with "Package Download Failed" Is it still the size??
    2007-12-18 06:13 AM
  7. armadillo's Avatar
    So I took a closer look at your source and there are three additional problems:

    1. Your link to the zip is not working. When I paste the URL into Safari, the zip is not downloaded.

    2. Your paths are lacking final slashes. So it should read:


    3. Even if I fix all that and put your Matrixx.zip on my website and download it, the script errors out, which leads me to suspect that your zip file is somehow screwed up and Installer can't unzip it. So I expanded the zip and recompressed on the Mac. That makes a different size file with a different hash. But it works.

    So if you want you can test this yourself. The source I made is:


    The zip file I made is here:

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    2007-12-18 08:02 AM
  8. gravytrain's Avatar
    Thanks Armadillo, it worked perfectly. Question though; what zip program are you using on the Mac. Does this mean that I need to go purchase a Mac inorder to run a repository???
    2007-12-18 08:32 PM
  9. armadillo's Avatar
    Mac OS X has a built-in compression feature. You just right-click on a folder and select Create Archive of file (in Tiger) or Compress file (in Leopard). This will instantly create a zip file that has never failed to work for me. So yeah, get a Mac
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    2007-12-18 08:49 PM
  10. jayjaythemac's Avatar
    ok so i have been now at this for two weeks and still no luck.. ok i did the xml added the hash code followed the plist to a tee from what was on here and i get a package download failed.. this is very frustrating and i am not sure what is wrong.. here is what i do

    i make the plist
    i have my theme i zip it
    included in the zip is wallpaer icons and dock
    i use the zip feature that comes with my mac ( i have a ppc)
    and i load it and it dosent work

    so can someone please help
    here is the xml file
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    2007-12-21 08:50 PM
  11. armadillo's Avatar
    Lots of problems. Why didn't you follow my advice I gave you in my PM and looked at the fixed xml I provided for the gravytrain xml? Just use that as template and fill in your specifics. Anyway, these are your problems:

    1. Your hash is wrong. I don't know how you obtained it. But here is the correct one for your zip: 392ec655233eef5529984977907ca7da. I would suggest you download my ArtWorker application, since it will help you in obtaining both date and hash keys.

    2. You are inconsistent in your scripts and the paths don't have terminal slashes. The correct script would be (this applies for both install and update; uninstall has no slash and that is fine):
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    2007-12-22 01:40 AM
  12. jayjaythemac's Avatar
    i tried to down load it but it takes me to the xml and i cant convert it so is there some other package im missing
    2007-12-22 02:58 AM
  13. armadillo's Avatar
    In Safari, it will just show you the text of the xml. Saves page source and you will have the xml ready for editing.
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    2007-12-22 03:25 AM
  14. jayjaythemac's Avatar
    ok so i finally got one package to work so i did another one exactly the same way and i get main script error so i am not sure what is going on below is the html see what u think as i am lost also once we get this resolved i am makeing a wiki for this .. no wiki out there is clear at all on this process so i am working on it

    here is the addy


    help me please
    2007-12-25 09:03 AM
  15. armadillo's Avatar
    You gotta pay a little bit more attention to your naming. All paths are case sensitive. Your unzipped theme folder is called "rabbits" and in your script you specify "Rabbits".
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    2007-12-26 04:25 PM
  16. jayjaythemac's Avatar
    i have to say there are a few people who helped.. u know who u are know i am back in biz but i have one other question i want to add a a donate button so can someone tell me how i do that i have a ppc and i need just a new mac mini please help
    2007-12-27 03:18 AM
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