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    So i have this problem with my installer, everytime i add a source(most of the time) it will refresh and everything and it will show up under sources in its own category, but when i click on "install" its own category never shows up, for example "community sources" i know for a fact when you click on install there should be a category saying Community Sources, same for Big Boss Apps, its not their either, or any other sources i add, only way to find the apps i need from those sources is to go to all packages and its sort of difficult for me. It worked before, but my installer crashed couple of days go and it would keep sending me back to the home screen so i decided to start all over and delete all the sources i have, using SSH i deleted all these RemotePackges.plist Local.Packages PList etc etc i deleted all of them, but then i added the same sources back in, but they just wont show up in their own category, any ideas guys? thanks
    2008-06-26 07:17 AM