1. john180285's Avatar
    Hi im new on here !

    i bought my iphone 16gb already jailbroken unlocked etc on 1.1.4, but on saturday the iphone just crashed on me and would not go past the apple icon so i restarted the phone back to factory settings for 1.1.4 of course my vodafone chip etc would not work so i iliberty abd unlocked everything on there and now the phone works.

    but i am having trouble installing apps on installer everything i try and download it says package failed to download.

    installer is on version 3.0

    and the version on the phone says 1.1.4 (4a102)

    if some1 could help me with this i would be greatful

    Thanks !
    2008-06-30 09:54 PM
  2. Poseidon79's Avatar
    Welcome to MMi! I moved your thread to General iPhone Chat. Please try and post in the correct section. As far as your issues go I would open installer and clear your queue and then hold down the home button until installer closes. Then re-open and update to version 3.11.
    2008-06-30 10:01 PM
  3. john180285's Avatar
    im still getting this problem would jailbreaking it on i iliberty have anything to do with it ?

    also where do i find the latest update of installer as i cant find it on there ? should i have a source or something ?
    2008-07-01 02:13 PM
  4. bullseye12's Avatar
    hay guys ive been trying to install vista perfection for ages, but whenever i try to install the theme it comes up with a message saying (you must summerboard first) i already have summerboard and bosspreffs and catagories i dont know what to do. could someone help please?
    2008-07-03 03:18 PM
  5. kennyboom's Avatar
    hey u guys am haven a major problem. My iPhone (1.1.4) is causing me problems....everytime I go to installer then to edit ANC try to enter a source the phone says unable to upload or somethin like that could someone help me out
    2008-07-11 10:36 PM