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    I just wanted to post a quick fix for those of you that have this problem. I have read many problems with the update of installer, to 3.11, in which the installer app itself freezes before you can get into the program itself. I did not have this problem but rather an issue when I tried to update any of the apps already installed. It showed the update and downloaded but then just crashed and went to springboard. I tried several different things and after awhile I just *reinstalled the installer update. I did this by going to the uninstall and instead of uninstall as an option, it gave me reinstall. That did the trick! In case this doesn't work for long though, please give me any thoughts on how to fix a problem on that.

    Thanks again!
    2008-07-10 06:10 PM
  2. I_ssan's Avatar
    tried but said not enough memory
    2008-07-11 04:09 AM
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    try boss tool to free up some space
    2008-07-11 04:12 AM
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    tryed so Many time and it said 0mb free space of 300mb LOL

    Is there anyway to rest or format iPhone? Install everything? I experienced that apple like to keep unstalled apps somewhere
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    2008-07-11 03:00 PM