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    hi guys, i know everyone is talking about the new iphone 3g but can you guys a little bit of your time in helping me with this issue.:

    my installer.app just crashes everytime i want to use it, i encounter this problem last week, when I install the NTW sources, it had 70+ sources installed on my list i think,and the installer skin, and ever since then whenever i go to installer, it just flash the installer logo (which is provided by the skin that i have installed) and exits after a min., but sometimes it goes to the app itself but when it starts to refresh its sources, it crashes again...its kinda frustrating because i want to find new apps but now can't and i dont have Open SSH in my iphone...so what seems to be the problem and possible solutions?...no restore pls...i hate it..lol..
    2008-07-11 06:01 PM
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    man, I have exactly the same issue (all I can say is, lucky i had Cydia already installed!) but I have tried uninstalling ntw/installer and reinstalling installer but it just did the same thing without that theme thing where it says make your iPhone simple better... Please help us somebody!!!

    ooh, guess what just two minutes after posting I discovered the problem. Go onto mobilefinder if you have it, go to /var/root/library/installer then click remotepackages.plist press modify then up the top where it has the file name change it to remotepackages.plist.old and it'll work straight away!!!
    please thank me LOL
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    2008-07-18 03:23 AM
  3. nin10do1982's Avatar
    can sum1 tell me how to get attery icon apps to appear on itouch?
    2008-07-20 09:46 PM
  4. calebdexter's Avatar
    thanked!..omg, it worked...thanks camsta
    2008-08-31 03:51 AM
  5. flobansormin's Avatar
    When i to install "installer" it always say >error,can't find host<: Can somebody help?
    J. Ban.
    2008-09-03 04:54 AM