1. gaz's Avatar
    hi guys,

    i cant seem to be able to install anything effectively from the installer.

    previously it was ok, but now everything i install does not appear on the springboard. going into the launcher shows the application, and sometimes its without an icon. tapping on it would usually be nothing happening or the program crashing immediately.

    i have tried this with terminal, scummvm, othello, sendsong and a couple of others.

    going to jailbreakme.com and trying to DL y.tiff would hang my system. this has been happening since i tried re-jailbreaking numerous times last nite. any idea whats up with jailbreakme.com? doesnt seem to work anymore. i used idependence 2.0 finally.

    appreciate if anyone could help.
    2007-12-31 09:45 AM