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    So to all who are fans of my 7 Steps Threads, heres a new one that will take you to where u need to be on all APPS for the iPhone:
    GAMES, Etc...

    okay, Here goes

    Step 1..... (Just listen to this Thread, DUH)

    ONCE AGAIN!!!!!!
    I went to all kinds of THREADS and made 1 EASy GUIDE

    If you find that it didnt work, go back and read each STEP 100%, it for sure will work,
    you just must have skipped an important part.....

    Good Luck............And Read DAMMIT!!!!

    Step 2..... (Know How to JAILBREAK)

    Please, If ur reading this, you must already know how to JAILBREAK and have
    all the files needed to JAILBREAK.


    Step 3..... (Easiest Way to SSH)

    I dont know how long this FILE will be available but you can get an easy
    file to SSH.

    - Download This File (Big Ups to Dallas Brown)
    (Make sure you enter this website as i gave to you)
    - A little Tricky - go to your phonedmg folder and make a folder called imarz
    - inside imarz put all the extracted files from the zip.
    - Open up TERMINAL
    - Here, JAILBREAK your Phone
    - Now you have 2 TERMINAL SCREENS out, 1 with your phone JAILBREAK and the other you will....
    - type cd phonedmg
    - type cd imarz
    - type ./iPhoneMacSSHInstall.sh
    - Follow the Simple GUIDE it pops up (all you do is turn off and on ur
    phone when it tells you to, then click enter when you shutdown itunes).
    - Finally it will show you a press Ctrl-C thing....Just follow the steps to
    end this because you have now successfully put SSH on ur phone


    Step 4..... (Connect Via SSH)

    - Please download the latest INSTALLER App from:

    - Go To the new file you just downloaded.
    - Right Click
    - Choose the option that says "Show Package Contents" on the scroll down menu
    (only use the Show Package option if you do not already see 7 files)
    - copy files into your phonedmg folder (only the files go, do not leave em in a foldeR)
    - JAILBREAK your phone
    = This time make sure u open up 2 TERMINAL WINDOWS (1 with your phone
    JAILBREAK, and another with TERMINAL as if you just started it up).
    - on the 2nd Screen (JUST PLAIN TERMINAL)
    there is a command called ssh -l which is an L not a ONE
    also you need ur iPhones IP Address and need to be able to connect to a
    WIFI somewhere. IP ADDRESS found by turning on your phone and going to
    SETTINGS/WIFI/and the blue ARROW on your active connection....Use the 1st
    IP you see. Now lets do this
    - type
    ssh -l root
    - its going to ask for a password and not show what your typing so password
    is dottie
    - now it should tell you that your connected to your phone (if you dont get
    an error message your still good) (if it gives a YES/HO option your still good)


    Step 5..... (Lets Put These Files in)

    - Now that 1 TERMINAL SCREEN has JAILBREAK Active and other TERMINAL SCREEN
    is connected to your phone via SSH, go back to your JAILBREAK
    - type ./iphoneinterface
    - type mkdir /Applications/Installer.app/
    - now lets putfiles in
    - make sure all these files are in the phonedmg folder
    - type cd /Applications/Installer.app/
    - type putfile Default.png
    - type putfile ditto
    - type putfile icon.png
    - type putfile Info.plist
    - type putfile Installer
    - type putfile package.png
    - type putfile source.png


    Step 6..... (The Stupid chmod +x)

    - Heres where everyone gets stuck
    - Go to the 2nd TERMINAL you have opened
    - here is where you type chmod +x /Applications/Installer.app/ditto
    - press enter
    - now type chmod +x /Applications/Installer.app/Installer
    - Once that has been done, lets return to the 1st TERMINAL SCREEN


    Step 7..... (The END)

    - Here at the 1st TERMINAL SCREEN lets do this
    - type cd /System/Library/Lockdown
    - type putfile Services.plist
    - type exit

    TADa.....We Are Done......

    Now We Have INSTALLER on our PHONES......

    What that means is you will be able to Download any new software available for iPhone on ur Phone itself.....that means no more having to repeat steps on JAILBREAK.....

    once u got it on ur phone, launch it and there will be some installs that u must install right away from your phone itself.......

    - BSD SubSystem
    - Community Sources
    - MobileFinder
    - MobileTerminal

    after that you can DL anything even Voice Recorder

    Thank you (SHOW SOME LOVE)

    and "?"s eMail me at [email protected]

    Thanks to all who put up the THREADs that helped me help you


    DJ RapMaRz

    All information on this THREAD was Found by me....NOT CREATED by me, I do not at all take any credit for this information, just the fact that I put it in a easy STEP By STEP form for all to LOVE!!!!
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  2. marcf's Avatar
    Once you have installer on the phone, how do u get the NES games...I have the icon, but no games for NES.

    Any help??


    2007-08-17 03:44 AM
  3. djrapmarz's Avatar
    Marc....to get the games on there, you must go to my other thread "7 Steps to OSX Install your iphone NES.....Somewhere round step 3 it shows you how to do it....

    Good luck!!!
    2007-08-17 03:50 AM
  4. marcf's Avatar
    You can do it right from the phone?? Do you open up terminal I guess or ssh??

    Not really understanding.



    I want to make sure I don't screw anything up....just don't know where to go on my phone to install? Thanks so much, so far for everything.

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    2007-08-17 03:53 AM
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    The romz are added easy, no ssh involved on romz....

    go to my other thread


    7 Steps to OSX Install your iPhone NES

    Jailbreak your phone and follow STEP 5 (only that ROM part)

    good luck, and for all who get a WHITE SCREEN on they phone, try it again , u messed up on the SSH, REad it clearly.....

    2007-08-17 04:57 AM
  6. marcf's Avatar
    I thought you could install apps and NES games right from the phone now, since you have installer on there, isn't that correct? If so, how?

    2007-08-17 06:27 AM
  7. djrapmarz's Avatar
    Everything SOFTWARE wise can be added through phone, other add-ons like icons, wallpaper, and ROMs, u follow the steps, now quit asking questions Marc and do those steps to get the ROMs on ur phone b4 the nes is old news and we already start on SEGA!!!! LoL


    DJ RapMaRz
    2007-08-17 08:46 AM
  8. marcf's Avatar
    I went back to the NES install to step 5 and it will not let me jailbreak now plus when I try to connect to itunes it says it has un unknown error.

    Any thoughts?


    2007-08-17 01:52 PM
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    no more trying that on this end....after installing that NES.app it was on the phone it was in the applications folder...but there was sync issues with itunes giving the orange bar, and jailbreak issues after installing it and i had to re-skin my main menu of my phone. also i had to restore the phone several times before actually being able to jailbreak it again...I'll wait for a gui or a auto script or something easier for the NES install...too much for something that doesnt respond that great.

    Don't think i dont appreciate everything thats done and i am still awed and greatful for the skinning iphoneinterface and jailbreak app. Cuz i am very appreciative of all the hard work
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