1. irsha's Avatar
    I got an iPhone 1.0.2 BL3.9 currently jailbroken, activated and unlocked using a non AT&T SIM. I wanted to upgrade to 1.1.2 to get more features, but when I try to "revirginize" the phone to upgrade, the Installer will not open. When I click on Installer it opens up, "refreshes" and closes down bringing me back to Spring Board. Could you guide me into how i can make the Installer remain open or offer me any other alternate ways to quickly upgrade to 1.1.2 for this working iphone?
    Thanks a lot for gr8 advice!
    2008-07-25 06:18 PM
  2. Poseidon79's Avatar
    Install iLiberty on your computer and download the payload to erase your 1.0.2 baseband. Then restore to 1.1.4. There is no reason to want 1.1.2 as all current apps are written for the 1.1.3/1.1.4 file framework.

    Although I don't really see why you need to virginize... try a DFU restore to 1.1.4 and see if that works first.
    2008-07-25 06:23 PM