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  1. berry_naice's Avatar
    as of last night, everything that i tried to install crashes back to springboard at the part when it says "Installing...."
    i have everything working fine until last night.
    i might have installed some app that caused the crashing but i can't remember.

    this is the list of my apps:
    New Source v1.0
    1.1.3 Fix v1.0
    Blaze Ultimate v7.0
    Parking Lot v1.2.1
    Guitar Hero 3 v1.2
    iphysics v1.1
    iZoo v1.2
    Labyrinth v1.2
    Raging Thunder v0.7.1
    TTR v1.7
    Drummer v1.0
    OpenSSH v4.6p1-2
    iPinball Level Pack v1.1
    Rawd iPos Touch Sandbox v1
    Rawd Mario Level Pack v2
    AgileMessenger v1.0.21
    Tetris v.1.2.2
    Bigboss's Recommended... v1.72a
    Community Sources v3.86
    BSD Subsystem v2.1
    Installer v3.11
    Summerboard v3.2
    Custom Touch v1.0
    iPluff Slider Images v1.0
    (Some Summerboard Themes)
    Kb2 v0.01
    1.1.3/4 iPod Full Features v2.1
    SUID Lib Fix v1.0
    BSD Subsystem 2.0 Termfix v1.10
    Kb v0.01
    SB v0.01
    BossPrefs v1.73
    Customize v2.0.0RC1.3

    and that's about it.
    i also added the 130+ sources but deleted the untitled ones

    i've got my ipod touch stolen couple of weeks ago and just bought a new one last week so i don't have that much apps yet.

    hope you guys can help
    2008-08-05 04:12 AM
  2. superkong14's Avatar
    Same problem here on my iphone v 1.1.4. As soon as the phone gets to the "install" part it just kicks back to the home screen. Any advice would be great.
    2008-08-05 11:17 PM
  3. (Name Here)'s Avatar
    Same problem. My iPhone is 1.1.4 and just started happening.
    2008-08-18 03:15 AM
  4. berry_naice's Avatar
    i found a fix for it myself
    uninstall some apps that totals to about 3MB of memory
    then install BossTool. open the app and go to Free Disk Space
    next you do is move apps

    note the disk space out of the 300 MB
    that might probably be 2MB, that caused the crashing upon the installation part because there is no more space
    after the apps are already moved check again the disk space and make sure it changes
    if not, try moving the apps again

    for iphone user:
    read the overview first u must move the fonts and ringtones first before the apps
    this is not applicable to ipod touch 'cause we don't have ringtones to move.

    hope i helped
    2008-08-18 09:47 PM
  5. (Name Here)'s Avatar
    It worked! Thanks Berry!
    2008-08-19 03:32 AM